"School safety"

BY: admin_opgroup

23 April, 2021


Recently there has been an easing of covid restrictions meaning that businesses and venues are likely to resume operations. This means that educational institutions will be back to their learning operations, yet we are not fully out of the woods. With that in mind, it is obvious that students and staff are likely to be anxious.

There is a likelihood of a significant drop in performance because of minds being too unsettled for learning. To prevent adverse effects from happening educational institutions should strategize ways to keep learning activities productive and ensure peace of mind for all.

School stakeholders are therefore left with the implementation of health& safety measures in learning institutions in accordance with government directives. Security and facility administrators should be keen to reduce the surface touchpoints of their access control systems and door entrances.  This can be achieved through touchless access control in the form of proximity access card and biometrics like facial recognition systems, to grant students and staff building access.

Another issue of concern is the need for social distancing. With learning institutions security staffing being impacted by possible budget cuts, having the ability to monitor and control student and staff traffic in certain buildings with less security personnel on duty is an advantage. This can only achieved by having  a turnstile in place which addresses the current needs during a pandemic including temperature detection by fitting it with thermal cameras. 

Finally, deploying covid officers/covid marshalls who are trained according to the relevant government pandemic health & safety guidelines is a great solution. Additionally, measures such as face masks and social distancing are incorporated whilst maintaining security and protection.

As we continue to rethink our way of doing things and adapting to the new normal, you would do well to contact us for assistance and guidance  in implementing health & safety guidelines in your learning facility.