"A World Without Security"

BY: admin_opgroup

27 November, 2020


Why do we have security? Why do we have rules?
It is remarkably straightforward – security has come from a necessity to protect and enforce rules.
Rules were created to let everyone know what they can and cannot do. It’s really that simple.
So back to the subject of a world without security – it would be like a world without rules. Sadly,
there are some out there who will cause harm to benefit themselves, or others they wish to benefit
from their actions.
In recent years Security as a profession has come to be perceived and establish itself worldwide as a
first line support and response. We are the eyes and ears that have and will carry on providing
information, evidence, and support during crucial and critical moments in history.
So, it is hard to imagine a world without security because I would not want to imagine a world where
individuals live in fear from any level of threat. Yes, it still goes on in some parts of the world, and we
must remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in more comforting situations.
Who benefits from a world without security? Simply put, opportunist and high-level individuals that
seek to break the rules.
In the articles to follow in this series, will be visiting every part of the security industry to investigate
and imagine what things would look like if we didn’t have it.
Please feel free to comment and ask questions along the way.
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