"Understanding Crime prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED )"

BY: admin_opgroup

5 February, 2021


Understanding Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and why is it essential to your building or property.


What is CPTED


CPTED is the ‘proper design and effective use of the built environment that can lead to a reduction in the fear of incidence of crime and an improvement in quality of life. The goal of CPTED is to reduce opportunities for crime that may be inherent in the design of structures or in the design of neighborhoods’ (Gamman, 2013). 


Understanding CPTED


The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED, concept, is mainly attributed by the representation of a proper design and effective use of the built environment, which will lead to reduction in incidences and fear of crime, this will otherwise bring about peace of mind for those within the building. Similarly, in a situation whereby a site is laid out well, the likelihood of it being targeted for a crime may be reduced.


Most criminals or ill-minded individuals, usually take their time learning and finding loopholes in a building or site before attacking or caring out of malicious activities. CPTED takes crime prevention one step further by studying the site design and working with the development team in an attempt to create safer designs in new and also existing buildings.


CPTED can also be employed by architects to help design safer buildings and homes in a community.


At Optimum Group Partnerships we help identify problem areas and properties that are crime risks or could become future crime risks without appropriate attention. We then focus on eliminating factors which attract crime and violence, such as improper zoning, trash accumulation and health and fire hazards, thereby reducing future victimization.


Good security is good business, through properly laid out CPTED strategies you’ll be able to expand the benefits derived from security systems by allowing the enterprise to do more with less. Let’s help you achieve that; contact us, 02088877240 or email us info@optimum-group.co.uk