"Seasonal Safety"

BY: admin_opgroup

11 December, 2020


Christmas season is almost here. For many this is a precious time to take rest and recuperate. Spending time with family and friends is often paramount. But have you considered the risk that is present during this time of year? When business close, they send their employees for vacation and in many ways for a short period, they effectively become void properties.

Void properties provide criminal opportunists a chance to undertake acts which include arson, vandalism, squatting, and fly –tipping. The result is always loss of assets. I am certain no one wants to return to work to face a scenario that is both financially and emotionally draining. Yet lost assets and destroyed property is likely to cause this.

Mindful of this, it is for you to decide which option to opt for: promote insecurity and bare the consequences or promote security and save your property. Our experience shows that most businesses prefer to be secure. Peace of mind allows one to enjoy the festive season, which is know is everyone’s great desire.

Let’s get to the heart of it and see where seasonal safety begins. Step one is working with the right security provider to tackle security concerns – they should be accredited and professional. The next step is to purchase the correct security solution for your risk profile within a cost friendly budget. With these steps figured out you can be assured of a restful holiday knowing that your safety and that of your property is catered for.