"Security Myths"

BY: admin_opgroup

26 November, 2020


So, this week we are going to hit the typical Security Myths

Personally, I fit perfectly in this as someone that just is going into the professional security industry it was great to find the facts. So, let’s start with the typical 10 Security Myths

1st – Security is a grudge purchase.

Even before I got into the security industry, everyone man, woman and their dog felt security was a burden. I personally was one of the first people in my neighbourhood to run Hikvision CCTV professional cameras. Off course I have no  scientifical proof but the fact we have heard  next to no criminal activity and some of our neighbours have suffered one horrible Christmas after another due to break ins, I think it has helped us.

So is security expensive? Personally, no. Yes, there is an initial outlay, but that outlay should safely guard you and your business interest from delays, brand damaging or just simple annoyances. Meaning your outlay cost will be recovered.

2nd – Security companies take advantage.

Yes, there is cowboys out there like in any industry that will sadly give the rest of the industry a bad name. But for me there is plenty of work for everyone and all responsible security companies should always have the client’s interest at the forefront of any decision. A great security company should be able to bring current issues to the table but potential ones that our clients may have missed as well. That is the difference. A great company will have the right protection at the right time bringing the value a client should expect. So, if they do not have your interest at hand then it’s time for a change.

3rd – Our premises are secure or if they want to get in, they will!

This is a sticky one. No one likes their confidence to be questioned, but something I have quickly come to realise is, how much time do you study criminal activity not only on your doorstep but surrounding areas.  Your responsible security company should be addressing with all their reporting or when their client requests it.

Lastly a well-equipped and secure location will stop the intention of activity from any street level threat. Security is about minimising the risk, so it doesn’t attract.

4th – We are one big happy family; I trust everyone within our organisation

How confident are you with all your employees? Many issues come from internal employees. Someone with a grudge, felt ignored or just simply has the intention to cause problems. As much we do not want to believe it, stats does show it happens.

5th – Criminals are only interested in the “big boys”

If they could, they would but they can’t so they won’t. Sadly, this is far from true. Criminals are interested in the unprotected as the likelihood of getting away with it, is greater. The “big boys” tend to protect themselves very well because of all issues that may occur as mentioned above. Stats have proven that it is the “others” who do not have protection at their forefront, these are the ones that suffer. Criminals do not need a report to know who is and who is not protecting themselves. They see actions.

6th – I do not trust cameras and remote monitoring is pointless they have always being triggered

Maybe a few years ago this could have been true, yet again your responsible security company should have done their diligence, and this should have not been the case.

But in today’s world innovation and technology has made it possible to have no false alarms. We can monitor situations and control them until the correct response team arrives.

7th – Do I need a security company with credentials?

I love this one, I always reply do you need a qualified solicitor to go to court for justice? Do you need a qualified accountant to my returns? Do I need a qualified broker for my insurance needs? The fact is, you can do this by yourselves or anyone that lets you believe they are qualified and accredited. But if something goes wrong then you will be asking yourself why did I do it!

With the Covid impact more than every organisations have questions whom they are working with and if they have the right credentials. So, ask yourself, does my security company have the credentials and if not why not? Are they in the process of renewing? Is it not at the top of the priorities? Let them show you how responsible they are because this will prove how responsible they will treat you.

This does create a beautiful domino effect, where you end users or clients see it as well.

8th – Cheap will do & We do not have the budget

This is simple and I have even learnt from this mistake. Cheap always costs twice the price. Because not only will you pay out for cheap, you will have to pay out to get it right. So, let us all do it right from the beginning.

 We understand that start-ups or low turnover companies will have security at the back of your minds. But innovation and technology has enabled us to provide solutions for all budgets, this will give you the opportunity to reduce the risk to acceptable levels.

9th – Your guards just sleep on shifts

Reality is OGP and any professional security company will plan a  route their guards must keep to. If they do not our control room are alerted, and a welfare check is made with the guard. If there is any issue a replacement is sourced, and all the client commitments are carried out. Our live data and client agreed reporting will demonstrate it is not possible to sleep on the job.

10th – I only have security because of the insurance.

This myth always surprises me. I always ask, if you did not have the security in place to cover the potential threats, which gives you the confidence to know if and when it does go wrong you do not have the financial burden of covering the cost associated with these issues. Why do you see this as an issue?

Insurance companies will always seek for property owners to be responsible. But your security company should be supporting you and offering the right service at the right time depending on the risk level.


Every sector will have critics or myths but all you must do is pick up the phone or write an email to any professional and they will clarify any issue. This is our job to make sure that security is not the worry keeping you up at night or concern.