"The changing role of security guards during covid-19"

BY: admin_opgroup

10 February, 2021


The ongoing global pandemic has brought about profound changes in the way we work. To support the current situation , you may have or planning to put new technologies and operational practices in place. Now, businesses are dealing with greater security challenges. Including traditional security guards duties and operations.


There isn’t a better time than now, to rethink your security strategy. Normally the first contact person to your company or residence is your security guard which has seen their roles change to provide covid-19 security support. They are now responsible for COVID-19 regulation enforcement at their working stations; which includes:


• Enforcing of Covid protocols.


The social distancing protocols, security officers are now  tasked with enforcing crowd management in populated areas such as construction sites, supermarkets, public joints etc. This has seen the role of covid marshals /covid officers come into play. The role encompasses administering of temperature checks to personnel accessing /leaving the sites as well as ensuring the adhere to   procedures like wearing of masks.

• Additional Training Needs

With the uncertainties revolving around the covid situation security guards are expected to  continue to receiving  additional training on how to implement and maintain changing regulations according to the government –published COVID 19 recovery strategy and health &safety guidelines plan at their work sites. This will ensure they deliver their tasks as well as curb on the   risk of covid transmission.


• Assisting those most vulnerable in navigating new layouts and protocols.


Some of the businesses ought to change the layout of their environment in order to curb the spread of the virus. Security guards are thus required to assist in the movements of both the vulnerable.