"The Protection past,present & future"

BY: admin_opgroup

2 December, 2020


The Protection past, present & future – threats at your business premises or employee locations

 The world settles from the tornado Covid-19, coming to the realization of the damage it has left. Question everyone is asking, how do we protect from another? Some are looking at previous warning signs, others at future innovative. FSM (Fire Safety Matters) article “Security officers recognized for outstanding contributions during COVID-19” have said it perfectly. The front-line security staff that have made business possible, by protecting through government guidelines. With new guild line form 6th July 2020 business can function if they are “covid Safe” practicing, including face masks in all public areas. We will still be looking at security front line to maintain control.

 Ian Murphy at Enterprise times touched well on this, with “Work from home brings more productivity but poorer security”, not long-ago individuals would be punished for removing data from the office as they tried to catch up with work at their place of home. Now companies have relaxed and encouraging individuals to be able to have all the information, they need to carry out their duties successfully at their place at home. Studies have also show that productivity has increased 1.5 times, but security remains the main concern.

 With companies revaluating the financial commitment to commercial properties and with the PM's announcement of the five billion Investment plan. We will be seeing old and unmodern commercial sites going for refurbishment not only will this be exciting times for regeneration, Companies will be looking to take full opportunity of the limiting red tape and would expect projects to be fulfilled quickly I'm leaving successful timeframes and the security sector will be standing by these companies to make sure all of this is accomplished.

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 In the coming weeks we will be looking at each area in depth, so do not go away as you might miss out.