"Vacant Property Associated Risks"

BY: admin_opgroup

18 January, 2021


Properties whether commercial or residential are bound to be vacant for various obvious reasons, such as temporary closure, moving out or due to unfinished projects. Recently with the national lockdown it is expected that many properties will be left vacant making them vulnerable to crime and it is estimated that these incidences cost businesses millions of pounds annually. To protect your own property from the risks associated with vacant property we have compiled a list of 5 threats that you might encounter.

Loss of assets

By  leaving your premise vacant there is a high likelihood  of it attracting opportunists. Large commercial properties are likely to suffer huge losses from theft of expensive equipment. Crucial documents are also likely to be tampered with or lost.

Fly –tipping

Illegal dumping of waste near property is not something new. It can be hazardous and have a negative health impact to the occupants residing near premises. There is also a possibility of deterring tenants who might be considering moving into the premises.


Vacant premises are likely to attract types who may end up posing a threat of forcefully assuming ownership of the premises. This may necessitate legal proceedings to facilitate eviction – at significant cost.

Water and Fire damage

When no one is watching over a property a building is more likely to suffer from fire and water damage (which may be accidental or intentional). During the cold season particularly, void properties are at risk of suffering from burst pipes which can attribute to flooding. Accidental fire damage can be a consequence of short circuits related to power issues. Arson on the other hand can occur even in the most structurally sound premises.


When trespassers have access to vacant premises reckless individuals will be involved. This means the property is likely to suffer great disruption. When this crime occurs, it is not always possible to pinpoint the perpetrator or prosecute.

This leaves property owners with no option but to take charge. Personal responsibility and partnership with the right security provider will ensure your premises remain secure.