"How covid officers can help you live a better easier life"

BY: admin_opgroup

16 March, 2021


How Covid Officers can help you live a better easier life.
In recent months we have seen a demand for electronical solutions for Covid protection at the sites.
This has led to great new relationships. But it still worries me that we are all placing to much
enthusiasm on the technology. Yes, it’s great and yes, it is doing a great job. However , it is not
human and our covid officers have done an amazing job protecting the sites whereby controlling
access has proven to be an issue, due to complex site layouts and where sites are not given
permission to alter land for controlled access.
Our covid officers are also offering to cover other roles to save on multiple individuals when the
workload and situation allows. This has given our clients piece of mind knowing that they are
receiving the best value for service.
Their role really comes down to protecting all on site as a closure due to isolation and sickness
periods are costing the construction industries unprecedented value not only in terms of finances
but also time commitment. As the government seeks for construction industry to ease the pressure
on the public transport system, this is something we all must keep in mind on how best to deal with
Let’s all keep safe and protect our assets including the individuals we intrust to work with.