Optimum Group Partnership (OGP) are security experts across many inter-related disciplines. We use a risk based model as a platform to provide consultative solutions to your problems, in addition to this, we also seek to advise and support you in many more subtle ways. The difference between Optimum Group Partnerships and other mainstream suppliers is tangible; our client and staff retention is extremely high which is testimony to the standards of service and support we provide to our clients and security officers.


Choosing to purchase security and identifying a service provider is one of the most important decisions your organisation needs to make – it is a business critical undertaking. In most businesses there are many stakeholders, and each must be satisfied that the right choice has been made and this is not always an easy task.

OGP will work with you to identify the key areas that must be positively impacted by the roll-out and implementation of a new security service. We have many specialisms across various security disciplines, so we can lean on this knowledge to provide you with the most appropriate and effective solution that will address every aspect of your security requirement. We will never upsell a contract, but will frequently make recommendations for additional services that will result in a better all-round deterrent.

Following the successful mobilisation and testing of each OGP service line, our business is there, in the background seeking to provide you with industry updates, best practice guidelines and a friendly, professional ear.

Our commitment to ensuring the provision of high standards of operational support is the reason we retain clients year after year – it allows us to keep abreast of our customers developing needs and ensure that they are always the receiving the very best service.