"The Importance Of Remote Monitoring And The Power Of AI."

BY: admin_opgroup

5 February, 2021


From construction sites, learning institutions, residential properties and warehouses; everyone wants to set up a security system to stop the intrusion before the encroachment of the perpetrators.


The best protection of people, property and assets goes beyond just having the most advanced security equipment. It’s having full control over that system and utilizing it to its maximum potential.


AI video technology allows us to detect, verify and respond to critical events, in real time. The pattern based, self-learning algorithms, along with our detailed programming, continuously adapts to increase precision, in both perimeter protection and crowded environments. Its advanced capabilities are used to differentiate people and vehicles while ignoring irrelevant motion. This sophisticated technology allows us to secure your sites by detecting any unwanted activity.


OptiWatch, prides itself on its innovation and technology. We consistently and continuously ensure we have the most sophisticated and modern technology available to the industry. Our team is prepared for any situation, and is equipped with the most technologically advanced software and applications, making us a leader in remote Monitoring and Surveillance.