"Tips to improve security at your construction site"

BY: admin_opgroup

11 May, 2021


Site security is an important issue. If you are working on a construction project then trespassers may want to access your site. These trespassers are often ill-minded individuals with malicious intentions in mind. Similarly; there are many cases of children and also teenagers breaking in-to construction sites. Often construction sites can appear to be exciting places for children or even hide-outs for teenagers who are unaware of the dangers.

There are numerous internal factors that also requires that you keep your site secured, for instance; theft by site workers. Most of them are aware of security loop-holes and some take advantage of this and steal valuable items from the site.

It is an employer’s responsibility to protect their staff, members of the public and company assets. This can easily be achieved by having security features to mitigate the incidences. Most importantly; adopting smart construction that will see total security before, during and after the project.

Security Risk Assessment

It is crucial that regardless of the construction size or value, that you carry out a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment. One benefit of working with Optimum Group Partnerships  is that, we offer free site survey which sets the pace for conducting of the site’s risks assessment. During the assessment, our team of professionals will visit your site and identify all weak points in your security. They will also provide suggestions for the best ways to improve these vulnerabilities and keep your property secured. Through this, you will have all of the information you need to keep your construction site as safe and secure as possible.

Secure the Perimeter

It is crucial that you have everything valuable inside a secured perimeter. This can be achieved by having a fence. This is the first layer to keeping your site safe and trespassers out. The perimeter fence alone, can deter potential thieves and trespassers from entering the site. In addition, the type of perimeter fence maters a lot, since some of the materials used to construct the perimeter may be weak and easily penetrable thus it’s important to use the right fencing material. With this, intruders will be aware that you take security seriously.

Have Access Control & Visitor Management

Access control systems are valuable tools to maintain the security of your site and keep unauthorized individuals out. By having a fence around your property that is complemented with a gated access control, will help you control who enters your construction site in order to keep it more secure.

You can also document the people who access your property thus keeping track of both workers and visitors. This solution can also be monitored and controlled by our seasoned virtual guards operating from our state of art control room. Thus you are assured total security 24/7/365.

Similarly, due to the ongoing pandemic, the latest access control technology plays a major role in controlling the spread of the virus. The touchless access control readers, biometrics, and facial recognition with temperature and mask detection complemented with a contactless door access systems, guarantees the mitigation of the spread of the coronavirus. To learn more; click https://www.constructionleadershipcouncil.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/181010-CLC-Smart-Construction-Guide.pdf

Have Security Surveillance Systems

One of the best ways to the promote security of your construction site is to have future proof surveillance system. By having surveillance cameras you will be able to monitor your entire construction site, thus protecting your staff, visitors and assets. This also promotes efficiency since the workers will know that they are being monitored.

You can take advantage of our security surveillance solution whereby your site is monitored 24/7. This will guarantee you peace of mind since any malicious activity can be deterred and in case of an incidence our vigilant controllers can take immediate action or alert the authorities to address the problem. Surveillance systems are the best way to monitor your construction site and ensure that you know what’s going on at your site at all times. You will also be provided with most accurate and timely reports.To learn more;click https://www.optiwatchgroup.com/videosurveillance/videosurveillance.html

Put Up Signs

Warning signs for instance “Keep Out” and “No Trespassing” accompanied by security provider logo plays a major role in keeping out trespassers. In addition; your construction sites must be marked with safety signs to protect employees from hazards and prevent passersby from entering restricted areas.

Guard Management System

Are your personnel protecting/guarding your property working efficiency? If not, you can adopt security workforce management solution which is developed to improve your guard’s performance by addressing accountability at every step of patrol.To learn more;click https://drive.google.com/file/d/10dTvSs7G19HIpG_qVsCg3Ia28znrBdhC/view?usp=sharing

Adopt smart construction to ensure operations are planned and optimized to provide the best health, welfare and safety outcomes before, during and after the construction within the built environment. For more information; contact us 02088877240 /07983620998, info@optimum-group.co.uk