Optimum Security has been providing security guarding services since 2005. Our reputation for delivering quality services has led to an enviable track record in retaining customers and staff. Not surprisingly, we compete successfully against other mainstream security guard companies, with new customers finding our approach to their security requirements both refreshing and innovative.

Our People

A company is built from its people and so OGP has taken the time to employ some of the most experienced hands in the industry. The staff that we have employed include ex-services and police in addition to those who have been promoted to senior management roles from the front end of fundamental manned guarding positions. OGP believes this combination of personnel provides a healthy balance of viewpoints and an excellent framework for collaboration. It has allowed us to gain traction in the marketplace where others have lost ground.


Rather than telling clients what they want to hear in order to impress, all group companies reassure through a steady process of problem solving using logic, drawing on their vast experience on their individual specialities.