"Protecting the mental health of frontline security officers"

BY: admin_opgroup

25 March, 2021


While most of us are staying home and observing the laid regulations , most of the frontline personnel such as security guards are still bound to perform their duties without fail. Through uncertain times for example in this case during the pandemic there are too much expectations for them to deliver and ensure the people and their properties remain safe and secure without considering their state of mental health. In the spring of 2020, a study of mental health amongst British private security officers was conducted. After interviewing 750 frontline workers, they found that almost 40 percent of them had symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This was a clear indication that  security officers are suffering due to lack mental health and wellbeing support services.

While at their line of duty it is obvious that they could easily contract the virus right from boarding public transportation to work and mingling with colleagues at their places of work. Security companies are thus  expected to establish  a welfare policy in support of their employees. This involves ensuring that the security guards partake a covid training not only for their personal safety but also the safety of others during their day to day operations. Creating flexible shifts for the security guards that allows for proper rest before their next shift also plays a major role in taking care of their mental health since they will not have to undergo work stress.

Besides the welfare policy they also ought to adopt technologies that will facilitate implementation of safety measures among them being the use of thermal imaging cameras as part of visitor management systems to aid in conducting temperature checks.  To sum it up utilizing of guard management software as a security company will help  ease the security officers  operations  and through analytics gathered clients will be reassured that their security needs are being addressed.

As security companies continue to explore the significant opportunities to thrive in as they look towards solving   the challenges presented as a result of the pandemic, it’s essential that they also invest in the physical and mental health of their frontline security officers.